Supreme Counselling for Personal Development

Supreme Counselling for Personal Development (SCPD) is a non-profit, voluntary, non-governmental organisation with a focus on crisis intervention.  It is a registered charity under the Charities Act Cap.243, under #788.  The organisation provides counselling and mentorship services for persons experiencing substance abuse, family and behavioural problems and other issues that may arise within the community.  This is primarily achieved through intervention with local schools and communities.  The lives of many children deemed as ‘at risk’ or delinquent could be changed through the intervention and services provided by Supreme Counselling for Personal Development.

Project Summary

The Trust has agreed to provide further funding to Supreme Counselling for Personal Development to expand some areas of the programme such as the Supreme Self-Development and Awareness Programme, the Mentoring Programme and to include the Olweus Bullying Prevention Programme.  These programmes will be extensive and comprehensive and includes pupils from first form level.

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