2nd Floor G H House, Trents, St. James, BB24017, Barbados

Our Strategic Goals

The Maria Holder Memorial Trust identifies worthwhile projects that will have a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people. We provide as much funding as we can to projects that fall under the strategic goals, sectors and regions defined by the Trust. We welcome applications for funding from creditable organisations and we carefully screen them to ensure they are consistent with our strict criteria.

To be eligible, the projects we support must be consistent with the strategic approach of the Trust, outlined as follows:

  • To support and promote health care initiatives, where appropriate, for children, the elderly and the vulnerable, which seek to improve quality of life and advocate for healthy lifestyles.
  • To assist with education and training particularly for children and youth in disadvantaged and vulnerable situations.
  • To assist with poverty alleviation for vulnerable people in difficult situations.
  • To do our utmost to achieve our strategic goals ensuring our resources are deployed to the highest standards of integrity, transparency and ethical behaviour, thus maximising our impact.

Poverty Alleviation

Education and Training

Healthcare Incentives


Emergency/Disaster Relief

Target Groups include:

  • Children and Youth
  • Women
  • The Elderly
  • Those in vulnerable or difficult situations (including drug users, the physically challenged and disadvantaged).

Our Partnerships

We have a number of funding partners, who have the intention to be key partners with the Trust for our work in the region. Our other key partners will be our implementing partners in the beneficiary countries. We continue to build a strong relationship with the Government of Barbados and have a portfolio of projects covering several sectors. When we work in other Caribbean countries directly with Governments we seek to establish a similar partnership.

We will continue to work with a cadre of NGOs and other non-state actors with whom we can collaborate and achieve results. These organisations must have the appropriate governance and finance structures in place and be of sound repute. Due diligence will be exercised carefully when selecting and assessing these partners. However, this does not stop us from working with emerging organisations that have the ability to make an impact in their respective fields. In some circumstances, help can be given to develop the capacity and skills of those particular organisations.

The Maria Holder Memorial Trust is not an implementing organisation. We seek to manage our interventions through partners on the ground who are best placed to implement the projects we have chosen to support.