Toast to Holder’s Good Work

“Long may [Maria Holder’s] memory continue to be celebrated in Barbados and long may her generosity, manifested through her son and others, continue to be felt in this country.”

So said Minister of Education Ronald Jones as he hailed the philanthropy of The Maria Holder Memorial Trust.

The Trust funded the construction of the Maria Holder Nursery School at Sharon, St Thomas, which was officially opened yesterday.

Addressing the official opening, Jones recalled that Holder came from “distant climes to Barbados” and as a result of her interaction and love for Barbados was able to share, to care and to manifest a positive spirit in the contribution of her resources to the island.

Here, Jones and Christopher Holder, co-founder and chairman of The Maria Holder Memorial Trust, leafing through some books with students shortly after unveiling the plaque to officially open the school.

(Taken from the nation, Saturday, October 1, 2011)


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