The Board of Trustees and the Executive Team of The Maria Holder Memorial Trust extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to Michael Russell on his retirement.

Michael did not retire willingly because that would have meant that he left something unaccomplished and for him there was always work to be done.  However, due to health related reasons, Michael will no longer be able to fulfil his duties to The Maria Holder Memorial Trust.  So, it was with great sadness that his retirement is being announced.

It would be remiss of us not to take this opportunity to extol Michael Russell’s virtues.  He was undeniably a man of good character and high principles; his work ethic was unsurpassed -hardworking and completely committed to his tasks yet, ever willing, able and available to listen and render such advice as may be appropriate on the occasion.

Michael was involved and integral in the conception of The Maria Holder Memorial Trust and worked tirelessly since its inception to ensure that good governance and best practices were established for The Maria Holder Memorial Trust and all of our charitable endeavours.  Michael committed to establishing good relationships with the Government of Barbados and the OECS Countries where the Trust operates.  Michael‘s dedication to The Maria Holder Memorial Trust was unwavering as he worked with the Executive Team and Non-Governmental Organisations both in Barbados and the OECS Countries for the implementation of quality projects.  That zeal, energy and determination has led to a multiplicity of projects which have created value for a number of citizens across the Islands and the sectors that we support.

Michael is a true pillar of this charitable organisation and we will always be grateful for his knowledge and advice, his guidance and support both on a professional and personal level.

We have learnt so much while working alongside him and we cannot thank him enough for the impact that he had on us at The Maria Holder Memorial Trust and those who had the opportunity to engage with him.  Michael is truly an embodiment of optimism and commitment and dedication.

The Board of Trustees and Executive Team express our gratitude to him for all of his contributions over the years and he will be truly missed.



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