The Titans Aquatic – Lockers

The Titans Aquatic Inc. was established in 2011 as a swim club and non-profit organisation working to develop and train young athletes in swimming.  The Club operates at the Aquatic Centre, a centre offering a number of facilities for persons learning to swim as well as those who compete professionally.  The Club itself caters to fifty-five people ages six years and up.  However, the Aquatic Centre caters to all swimming Clubs, Schools, Camps and private individuals, both local and internationally.  The Titans Aquatic Inc. has produced a number of National swimmers who have participated in regional and international swim meets.  The Titans Aquatic Inc. is also a member of the Barbados Amateur Swimming Association (BASA).

Project Summary

The Titans Aquatic Inc. would like to have a safe storage space for all swimmers to utilise and have a secure location for their personal items.  The Trust will be providing storage lockers in both the male and female changing rooms as a means of having a safe, secure storage facility for users of the Centre.  With the improved storage, the swimmers can now feel more secure in the environment while they enjoy swimming and may be able to encourage more users to the facility if the issue of non-secure premises was a previous deterrent.  The increased access and utilisation of the pool will also have a benefit to those persons involved in swimming from a fitness perspective.

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