The Barbados Diabetes Foundation – SILS Dialysis Unit

The Barbados Diabetes Foundation is a registered charity, that provides services to Barbadians at the Maria Holder Diabetes Centre for the Caribbean situated at Warrens, St. Michael. The Foundation was established in 2002 and the Centre, was opened in 2014 and runs an intensive and holistic clinical program for Barbadians suffering from Diabetes. The programme is not only designed to offer clinical treatments for persons living with the disease Diabetes Mellitus but also provides educational and counselling specifics to ensure continued self-management by patients after their discharge.

Project Summary

Barbados has a pressing need for extra dialysis services as the health system is struggling to provide adequate dialysis treatment for the number of people requiring this service. The SILS Dialysis Unit was conceptualised to reoutfit a space at the Maria Holder Diabetes Centre for the Caribbean to provide additional Haemodialysis services to Barbadians. A space on the first floor was designated for the improvement and conversion of approximately 1,450 square feet, this project includes the installation of state-of-the-art dialysis equipment. SILS Services Ltd. (“SILS”) will the manage and operate the haemodialysis unit.

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