Supreme Counseling for Personal Development

Supreme Counselling for Personal Development (SCPD) is a registered charitable organisation in Barbados under the Charities Act Cap.243 with its registered number #788. The organisation maintains its commitment to education, counselling and mentorship services for persons experiencing substance abuse, family and behavioural problems and other issues that may arise in the community. This is primarily achieved through intervention with local schools and communities and the organisation works with a team of professional counselors and psychologists who provide excellent service to youth who participate in its programme.

Project Summary

Supreme Counseling for Personal Development has received significant funding from The Maria Holder Memorial Trust for the continuation of its Project Rescue Programme comprising of three main components: (a) The Supreme Self Development and Awareness Programme; (b) The Supreme Enhancing Lives Forever Mentoring Programme; and (c) The Olweus Bullying Prevention Programme. These programmes are aimed at bringing about holistic change in the lives of those children who are deemed wayward and delinquent in the nation’s society and extended to persons entering Secondary School from first form right through until the fifth form level. In addition, the organisation will partner with the Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training through its Empowerment Programme to train a total of one hundred and thirty eight persons to effectively deliver a life skills programme over the next three years; to present participants with the knowledge and skills to facilitate a life skills session to and to increase the number of skilled life-skilled facilitators in the island’s school system.

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