St. Leonard’s Boys Choir

The St. Leonard’s Boys’ Secondary School was one of the first ‘newer’ secondary school on the island and has remained the only all-boys secondary school to date.  The choir has been in existence since 2000 with around 30 choristers but in 2008 the musical director embarked on the 100 Boys Choir Programme where the main purposes were to offer a practical avenue for musical expression, to build self-esteem through success in exams and performances, and to continue the rich tradition of chorale singing in boys, which was almost dormant on the island.  Since then they have seen a steady increase in boys desirous of becoming members of the choir.

Project Summary

To provide funding for an expanded St Leonard’s Boys choir enabling current choristers and aspiring ones to develop and reach their individual musical potential.  The improvement of the existing programme, with more placements for students who are interested in joining the choir and to develop responsible young men and encourage them to choose music as a career.

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