St. John’s Hospice

The St. John Hospice is a charitable Not for Profit organisation based in Antigua & Barbuda and is part of the worldwide St. John Association dating back many years.  The St. John Hospice opened its doors on 1st January 2012 and currently operates from the Gwenneth O’Reilly Ward at the old Holberton Hospital providing palliative care to those who are terminally ill and require 24 hour round the clock care.

Project Summary

The St. John Hospice seeks to ensure that persons who are terminally ill are afforded the opportunity to die with dignity and compassion in a tranquil environment, cared for by professionally trained staff.  The Maria Holder Memorial Trust’s donation will assist with increasing the cover of certified nursing staff, through further education which will improve the standard of care provided and the provision of functional hospital beds.

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