National Sailing Academy

The National Sailing Academy Inc. is a registered Non-Profit organisation that was founded in 2010 with the aim of giving free sailing lessons to Antiguan schoolchildren, ages 8–18 years, who are from disadvantaged backgrounds and who would not normally get the opportunity to learn sailing if parents had to pay for the lessons. It has gained Royal Yachting Association (RYA) accreditation as a recognised Dinghy Training Centre and it is the only Centre in the Caribbean. The organisation relies heavily on donations from Donors to sustain its programmes and operation.

Project Summary

In order to become more viable and independent, the organisation was assisted through The Maria Holder Memorial Trust with the purchase of a Catamaran that will act two fold (1) to accommodate approximately fifty per cent more disabled children and adults participating the “Sailability” programme – a catamaran is an ideal sailing vessel for disabled children and adults to sail as it will remain stable and not be subject to healing over as does a monohull and (2) as an Airbnb which would provide increased revenue from the accommodation aspect that would help towards the Academy’s goal of being financially sustainable.

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