Higher Education Development Unit/Wheelock Teachers Training College

The Higher Education Development Unit, within the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, has responsibility for facilitating the strengthening of operational structures, policies and procedures across the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, Barbados Community College and Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic.  Wheelock College is a private institution located in Boston for almost 22 years, the Wheelock College Centre for International Programmes has been delivering internationally-validated degree programmes designed to develop competencies in early childhood, elementary and middle school education.

Project Summary

This project will would facilitate the training of fifty (50) teachers through Wheelock College.  This would allow for twenty-five (25) teachers to be trained each year for the next two years, thereby ensuring a full cadre of fully trained early childhood educators.  These teachers would impact their schools by providing guidance to their peers upon completion of this programme.

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