General Hospital

Project Summary

The General Hospital is located in the Capital city of St. Georges and it is the main referral hospital with a capacity of one hundred and ninety eight (198) beds.  Specialised emergency care and other services are accessed only at this facility.  Therefore, this project centred mainly on the purchasing of medical equipment for the enhancement of health services at the General Hospital.  They are now in receipt of the following: one ambulance; eight giraffe incubators; ten vital signs monitors; three warmers; eight portable pulse oximetry units; one paediatric ventilator for the ICU; two high impact lighting lamps and one ultrasound machine.

In-service training will be provided to improve the skills of the users in the operation and maintenance of the equipment.  The funding provided by The Maria Holder Memorial Trust was beneficial to the procurement of these vital pieces of equipment thus ensuring that patients are provided with good quality care and treatment at the General Hospital.

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