Connect Antigua & Barbuda

The Ministry of Telecommunications, Science and Technology is part of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and its goal is to promote and upgrade the intellectual capital of its people. The problem to be addressed is the difficulty in providing ICT training to all school children in Antigua and Barbuda. Some schools in Antigua do have ICT labs but none have the capacity to allow all children in one class access to a computer at the same time. Some schools have no ICT capabilities at all.

Project Summary

The mobile ICT units which were set up in 2007 and served fourteen public primary schools, nine public and private secondary schools and seven community centers on a more or less continuing basis now require refitting and a complete refurbishment. Each mobile unit has a Community Technology Officer attached so the teaching sessions are always supervised and are part of the school curriculum.

The Trust’s donation will upgrade the existing fleet of 5 Mobile IT Classrooms to house eighty-five (85) ruggedized computers. At least 900 children and community members will have access to State of the Art IT learning equipment and training, resulting in an upgrade to the intellectual capital of Antigua and Barbuda and a society in which all citizens and residents have access to knowledge and information.

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