Community Education and Empowerment Development

The Community Education and Empowerment Development programme was founded following the findings of a Needs Assessment Survey which was conducted by Dadrina Emmanuel through the National HIV/AIDS Commission.

Project Summary

The main objective of this programme is to establish, operate and promote education, empowerment and development for maginalised groups in Barbados.  This is specifically for persons who are maginalised based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, physical disability or HIV status but not limited to other marginalised groups such as sex workers and drug users.

CEED has established an Educational and Empowerment Centre in Reed Street, the City to assist in the provision and promotion of community specific projects and programmes.  It provides sensitive educational and empowerment initiatives to develop persons from marginalised communities using alternative learning systems through offering on site basic literacy and skills building initiatives and vocational training to encourage self-sufficiency.

The pilot phase of this project was funded by The Maria Holder Memorial Trust for two years (2013-2015) and the Trust has just approved funding for two additional years (2016-2018).

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