Centre for Counselling Addiction Support Alternative (CASA)

The Centre for Counselling Addiction Support Alternatives (CASA) is a Community based facility established in 2000 and registered as a Charity #449 and governed by a Board of Directors. Their aim is to help individuals and families experiencing substance abuse and related behavioural problems.  CASA is a non-residential facility that works with people who are experiencing difficulties with legal drugs such as alcohol, and illegal drugs such as marijuana.  The centre provides assessments and referrals, non-residential detoxification and group therapy.  Figures provided for the last three years indicate around 200 persons per year are using the services.

Project Summary

Reinforcement of the NGO to ensure that there continues to be a counseling facility in Barbados that is non-residential for persons to receive treatment without leaving their homes, jobs and schools and young people between the ages of 12 and 18 years will be have the opportunity of becoming involved in several programmes and group therapy in order to assist in the reduction of substance use and other behavioural problems.


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