Opening and Renaming

The Farrs Children’s Home has a new name and newly refurbished surroundings thanks to The Maria Holder Memorial Trust’s passionate commitment to future generations in Barbados.

On Wednesday April 23rd, Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Freundel Stuart, Q.C. M.P. officially opened the Marina Brewster Centre at Farrs.  It is named in memory of the late wife of Chesterfield Brewster, sister of Christopher Holder and daughter of Maria Holder.  Christopher Holder and Chesterfield Brewster are the Founders of The Maria Holder Memorial Trust.
Director of the Child Care Board Joan Crawford expressed her appreciation for this initiative: “This Opening is the culmination of 5 years of discussions and work between The Maria Holder Memorial Trust and the Child Care Board.  Work was completed in December 2013, when the children were able to move back in.  The Centre now provides a brand new living space for the Children, including accommodation for the house staff and Aunties who live on site.  It also features a new state-of-the-art commercial level kitchen.”

On April 23, the children showed their appreciation with performances choreographed by Dance4Life on the grounds of the new Centre designed by Selby, Rose and Mapp (SRM) Architects and built by China State Construction.

“The home has been completely refurbished with the addition of two new dormitory blocks at the rear of the property and now has a capacity for 30 children.  There are currently 20 in residence.  The original building built in 1910 has been refurbished to keep its original character.  The Maria Holder Memorial Trust continues to support substantial projects that will make a difference and leave a meaningful legacy to future generations of Barbadians.” said the Founders of The Maria Holder Memorial Trust.

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