A Legacy Fulfilled

On Saturday 1 February 2014, The Maria Holder Diabetes Centre For The Caribbean was officially opened and is a collaboration between Medicor Foundation and the Barbados Diabetes Foundation.

For the Founders of The Maria Holder Memorial Trust, this would have been an emotional day as the centre represents the fulfilment of a commitment made by the late Maria Holder to provide a Diabetes Centre for the people of Barbados.  Having seen the devastating effects of diabetes on the island and the high level of amputations, Maria Holder sought to ensure that a comprehensive care facility was available that would enable access to the latest technological advancements, the appropriate and effective management of Diabetes through education, the training of health care professionals through the use of cutting edge research and the application of proactive preventative techniques.  It was her belief that the introduction of these measures would have a significant impact on diabetic preventative care in Barbados.

The late Maria Holder

The centre was opened on the tenth anniversary of Maria’s untimely death.  Therefore, this legacy has been completed in her memory.

In attendance were the Founders of The Maria Holder Memorial Trust, Christopher Holder and Chesterfield Brewster; Prinz Eugen von und zu Liechtenstein, Fortunat Walther and Hommy Khosrowpanah from Medicor Foundation; Trustees and Executive Team of The Maria Holder Memorial Trust; Chief Executive Officer of The Brewster Trust; Dr. Oscar Jordan, Chairman, Dr. Simone McConnie and staff of the Barbados Diabetes Foundation; family and friends of the late Maria Holder, and other specially invited guests.

Christopher Holder and Chester Brewster, Founders of The Maria Holder Memorial Trust, randomly choosing two persons to receive free testing at The Maria Holder Diabetes Centre For The Caribbean

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