Preservation (Barbados) Foundation Trust

The Maria Holder Memorial Trust is today presenting a cheque to the Preservation (Barbados) Foundation Trust, to fund the post of a Project Officer for the day to day operations of the Preservation Trust for a period of two years.  The project Officer will be responsible for fund raising and coordination of activities as well as the day to day running of the Foundation.

The Preservation (Barbados) Foundation Trust is a charity established as the agency which will carry out the essential aims and objectives of the Preservation Task Force, a Task Force appointed by Cabinet and which reports to the Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth.  The mandate of the Task Force is to identify funding options and sources of funds for the restoration of heritage properties in Barbados, while making recommendations to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth on fund raising, starting with structures located within Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison and liaising with the private sector in relation to these goals.  The Preservation Trust will provide an operative arm to facilitate, promote and carry out the activities and programmes identified by the Task Force, including the receipt and disbursement of funds donated by philanthropists and any other sources for these purposes.  The Task Force has already initiated work in the form of a quantity survey on the Carnegie Library, with US Embassy funds.

The Trustees are Senator Professor Emeritus Henry Fraser (Chair), attorney at Law Ms. Glenda Medford, Banker Reverend Patrick Tannis, Businessman Mr. David Neilands and Realtor Mr. Paul Altman.

The Maria Holder Memorial Trust was founded by Christopher Holder and Chesterfield Brewster in 2007 to fund philanthropic projects in Barbados.  The Trust has become Barbados’s “best friend” and has committed some 20 million dollars to projects in Barbados, including the restoration of the Marina Brewster Centre at Farrs (formerly Farrs Children’s Home), the Pine Community Centre and Parkinson School Industrial Arts Workshop.

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