Charity set to fund new schools

The newly opened Maria Holder Nursery School is one of 4 schools to be created under The Maria Holder Memorial Trust.

The announcement came from the late philanthropist’s son, Christopher Holder at the opening ceremony of the nursery school yesterday in St. Thomas.

“We are most certain there are going to be at least three more of these schools built as quickly as possible.  A four year time frame is, for the sake of the children, not that good.  We need to move in a swifter time frame to get these schools built.  We have the desire to do it; we have the funds available; they are sitting there ready to build those schools,” he urged.

He spoke of his connection to the island and his love for the people and children of Barbados.

“In 1975, as a present to me, my mother flew myself at the age of 16 and my late sister, at the age of 14, to Barbados on holiday but principally to say, well done on passing your exams. In 1975, I met my co-founder, Chester Brewster at Sandy Lane Hotel and I have made my roots in Barbados.  I will spend more of my time in Barbados and I want to ensure that this education process continues,” Holder noted.

“The words which my mother stood for hold true: “Without education you have nothing” he stated.

The Maria Holder Memorial Trust was founded by her son Christopher Holder and son-in-law Chester Brewster in memory of Maria Holder. Born in Basle, Switzerland, Maria Holder made Barbados her home from 1978 until her sudden and untimely death in February 2004.

During her life in Barbados, she worked for the Barbados Cancer Society and assisted many to further and better education.  She gave generously to many charitable projects including the Paediatric Unit of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Aunty Olga’s Needy Children’s Fund and the Barbados Association for the Blind and Deaf.

In addition to the work within the education sector of the community, the Trust seeks to promote health care institutions for the elderly and needy; to create opportunities for the youth of Barbados through assistance with skills training programmes and through the advancement of the Arts and cultural expression; and to render assistance to poverty programmes established by the Government and or non-governmental organisations.

(Taken from the Barbados Advocate, October 1, 2011)


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