Secondary Schools’ Drama Festival

The Maria Holder Memorial Trust is proud to have funded this enriching and exciting festival that fits well within our strategic goals of developing young people within one of our five key sectors.

The Trustees recognises the value of drama as an art form.  The Arts is fundamental in the educational and personal development of young people and their artistic capabilities.  Culture and the Arts offer a different insight to various aspects of one’s culture and one’s self.  Dramatic exploration can provide students with an outlet for their emotions; it enhances their communication skills, boosts confidence and gives individuals a more positive self-image.  We hope that in reviving the Caribbean Schools Drama Festival, it will be the start of us embracing the varied cultures from across the region and can see the further development of the arts and by extension festivals of this type.  Drama is an important subject area that should be enhanced within the school curricula and seen as a valuable learning tool.  Not all students are academically inclined, however, there are those persons whose talents will be further developed and recognised through programmes such as this one organised by the Barbados Association of Drama Educators.  The Trust looks forward to a successful festival and hopes to see the torch carried by another Island within the next two years thus ensuring continued growth in such a worthwhile venture of drama, culture and creativity.


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